True Match foundation from L’Oreal

True Match foundation

True Match foundation from L’Oreal – it’s a small/medium coverage product, with glowy finish and it’s perfect for dry skin. 

      Hello everybody! I would like to talk today, about a product which I really used to love it. It was relaunched a while ago, with a different packaging and a new formula, which I don’t like it though and it’s not good for my type of skin.

True Match foundation

I don’t know if you remember (specially the European girls) this old edition of the True Match foundation. I’ve made one year ago a review for, where I said that I really loved it. On that time, it was a perfect foundation for any kind of oily skin.

When it finished, I had no hesitation in buying a new bottle of it, this time the newer edition. But, I was surprised to find out that it had nothing to do with the older formula. The new True Match foundation works great for a normall type of skin or a dryer one.

True Match foundation

I realized that I don’t like the new formula from the first uses. I could not just throw it away and I managed to use more than a half of it. Because I started a Project Pan for my makeup collection, this foundation was also on the list.

True Match foundation

Review True Match foundation:

True Match foundation


Packaging: we have a squared glass bottle. On the front face we have a sticker with the name of the brand and the name of the product and the description of it.

True Match foundation


On the back face of the packaging, we have another description of the product, the SPF17, the weight of 30ml, the shelf-life of 12 months since the opening, the producer and some other extra details.

True Match foundation


The plastic lid has a sticker with the number and the name of the shade, in French and English.

True Match foundation


The True Match foundation has a silver pump, made from a poorly-quality plastic, I would say. Beside the pump of the All Matt Plus foundation from Catrice, this one is fixed on the bottle. So, you might not be able to use all the product.

Colors: according with the official site, this product comes in 33 shades. The availability of them though, might be different by every country.

I have the “1.R/1.C Rose Ivory” shade, which is a cold shade, with a very strong pink under tone. It has so much influence on the true color of the foundation, that it makes it very difficult to wear.

True Match foundation


The texture: it’s a liquid foundation, a bit thicker than the HD Liquid Camouflage from Catrice, but thinner than the All Matt Plus foundation from Catrice. It applies smoothly with a brush, but it needs the help of a sponge also, to get rid off any marks.

Finish: this foundation has a glowy finish. It doesn’t have the same finish as the Lumi Magique collection, but it isn’t matte as Vichy’s Dermablend. It’s very hard to mattify it and it needs lots of powder to reach a matte finish.

Smell: I could not sense not any kind of smell.

Properties True Match foundation:

Let’s take a look on the description of it:

  • “super-blendable foundation” – it is indeed a very easy to blend product, without getting dry too fast. But, it leaves marks if applied by brush. A perfect product to be used with a sponge.
  • “perfectly matches skin colour and texture” – we all know the color choosing system from L’Oreal. It is available on their site and it helps you to find the perfect shade. My foundation has nothing to do with my real skin color. The pink undertone ruins the true color of the product. But, it applies very nice on the skin, without highlighting any kind of imperfections.

Swatch True Match foundation:



This is how the True Match foundation looks. You can easily see the strong undertone and how much influence it has on the real shade of the product.

In order to use it, I’ve mixed this product with a NYC BB cream, for oily skin, to help me modify the color and it’s finish.

Plus Points True Match foundation:

  • the large availability of colors and the help of L’Oreal to find the best match for you.
  • it has small coverage, but you can build it in, for a medium one.
  • it’s foundation for a normal or dry skin. It will not dry the complexion and it will not highlight the imperfections.
  • it lasts good over the day, it will not transfer and it’s easy to retouch it.
  • it has SPF17 which shows good also in the photos.
  • in Europe is known as Accord Parfait.

True Match foundation

Minus Points True Match foundation:

  • beside the old formula, the new texture is not good for an oily skin. It’s light texture will not last in the fight with the oil.
  • it demands lots of powder to mattify it and also, for any retouch. But, I must be fair: this is not the purpose of this foundation.
  • even though it has a large availability of colors, you might need two shades to obtain the one to suit you.
  • it’s funny how this foundation has two names: True Match and Accord Parfait. And also, in USA it has another packaging.

True Match foundation


Well ladies, if you own a dryer skin and if you like a glowy finish, the True Match foundation is the perfect choice for you. I will not repurchase it, because is not good for my type of skin. And it’s no point to try to make it work.