Synthetic Kabuki Kit from Sigma

Kabuki Kit

Kabuki Kit from Sigma is made from five Synthetic brushes for, specially made for a flawless application of creamy and liquid products. 

      The Kabuki Kit from Sigma contains five blending brushes, the bigger option of the Synthetic Precision Kit brushes. These brushes are made to offer you the perfect blend for your face makeup, with cream and liquid products.

Kabuki Kit

Review Kabuki Kit from Sigma:

Packaging: the brushes are packed in a cardboard box, with pink-white-black patterns on it.

On the front-face, we find the Sigma logo, the name of the set and “Sigma Beauty Professional Brushes”.

On the back-face, we find the “Sigmax” logo, the name of the set, the description listed above, a list with the contain of the kit and a sticker with the producer’s info. We have also an authenticity sticker.

Kabuki Kit

The individual packaging of the brushes it’s made from two different pieces of plastic, which protect the handle and the bristles.

Kabuki Kit

The Kabuki Kit contains five brushes. Their handle it’s black, having printed on the name of the brand, the name of the brush and it’s number. It’s a very strong handle, from black painted wood, with a round end.

The bristles are made from a synthetic fibre called “Sigmax”. They are brown and the ends of it are white (with the time, they will become yellow though). The connection between the bristles and the handle it made from copper.

On the metallic part we have graved the name of the brand. These brushes are shorter than the ones from Precision Kit.

The letter “F” which is written before the number of the brushes, comes from the word “Face”.

Kabuki Kit: Flat Kabuki – F80

Kabuki Kit

Application of liquid or cream products to flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks.

  • this brush is the bigger version of P80 – Precision Flat.
  • being very fluffy, it’s perfect to be used with dabbing motions.
  • I use it to apply foundations which have a thicker texture, when I want a bigger coverage.
  • it takes some extra effort with cleaning it.
  • I will not use it with liquids, because it will absorb too much product.

Kabuki Kit

Kabuki Kit: Round Kabuki – F82

Kabuki Kit

Blend mineral products onto the skin

  • this brush is the bigger version of P82 – Precision Round.
  • the bristles are rounded and it’s great for blending motions.
  • I use it rarely, with foundations which have a difficult texture, which need to be god blended and the excess absorbed.

Kabuki Kit

Kabuki Kit: Angled Kabuki – F84

Kabuki Kit

Buff cream blush or bronzer onto the skin.

  • this brush is the bigger version of P84 – Precision Angled.
  • the bristles are rounded. Its very fluffy and flexible.
  • I use it sometimes to apply cream-products, like bronzers of cream-contour.

Kabuki Kit

Kabuki Kit: Tapered Kabuki – F86

Kabuki Kit

Apply cream and liquid foundations onto the harder to reach contours of the face.

  • this brush is the bigger version of P86 – Precision Tapered.
  • this type of brush it’s knows also as “tulip-brush”. The shape offers you a precise application.
  • I use to apply my under-eye concealer, specially when I have a heavy texture of it. It’s by far my favorite brush from all the set.

Kabuki Kit

Kabuki Kit: Flat Angled Kabuki – F88

Kabuki Kit

Blends foundation easily onto hard to reach areas of the face. Angle fits all areas of the face seamlessly. Works especially well on cheekbones and contours of the nose.

  • this brush is the bigger version of P88 – Precision Flat Angled.
  • we have a straight-one-side-cut which offers a precise application. The bristles are flexible, but it gives you also a steady hand.
  • I use it with loose powder, to set my under-eye concealer.
  • it’s the extra brush which comes in this kit and not in the one with only four brushes.

Kabuki Kit

About the Kabuki Kit from Sigma:

  1. I wash these brushes with baby-shampoo. I don’t use brush cleansing solutions, because they will not get cleaned good enough.
  2. The handle of these brushes it’s very…big. You hand might get tired very easy.
  3. Before buying this kit, maybe you should try some replica’s in order to know if these brushes would be or not suitable for your needs. And maybe, after that, you can buy the favorite, single ones.
About the Kabuki Kit from Sigma:

I don’t regret buying them at all. I have the chance to use some professional brushes, with other shape than the ones I’m used with. The makeup will look flawless and very good blended. For some of the brushes I could buy even some extra ones. But I will not do that, as I have also some replica’s.

You can buy the Kabuki Kit from the  official siteBut you can buy also the single brushes or the kit which contains only the first four of them.



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