In The City palette from W7

In The City palette

In The City palette from W7 it’s a perfect dupe for Naked Basics 2 palette from Urban Decay. A great selection of neutral eyeshadows. 

Hello ladies! I would like to talk today about a dupe for the Naked Basics 2 palette from Urban Decay. Let me show you the In The City palette from W7, the “darker” sister of In The Mood palette, from the same brand.

In The City palette

Review In The City palette:

In The City palette


The case: is made from dark taupe, thin metal. On the lid we have the brand’s logo, the name of the palette and the specifications: ”natural nudes” and ”eye colour palette”.

In The City palette

On the back of the case, we have the same details like above, the ingredients, the weight (0.24oz), the names of the eyeshadows and some other details which you can see it on the photo.

In The City palette

The inside: we have six eyeshadows, protected with a plastic foil, stored in some kind of a sponge (I really don’t know the English term of it). In The City palette has no mirror, because the writing from the lid is engraved (I hope this is the right translation).

The colors: we have six colors, five with matte finish and one with silky finish.

  • Wigwam: it’s a champagne with pink undertone and silky finish.
  • Troy: it’s a nude with pink undertone and matte finish.
  • Brass: it’s a taupe with purple undertone and matte finish.
  • Touch: it’s a brown with pink undertone and matte finish.
  • Autumn: it’s a brown with grey undertone and matte finish.
  • Andrea: it’s a dark grey with matte finish.

Swatch In The City palette:

About In The City palette:

The eyeshadows might not look very pigmented. But, applied over an eyeshadow base, they become brighter. I love those grey undertone shades, perfect to use as transition colors. Also, the nudes are very useful. They make great highlighters or they can perfectly set any base.

Conclusion In The City palette:

I like this palette and it’s a perfect dupe for Naked Basics 2. You can use it for day or night looks. If you don’t want to pay for the Urban Decay one, don’t hesitate to try In The City palette.


So ladies…this was today’s post. I am curious what do you think about this palette. Would you buy it or would you rather go for the Naked Basics 2.

DISCLAIMER: please keep in mind that I am not a make-up artist, I don’t have not any study for this and I don’t intend to do it; also, I don’t have this job and I don’t do make-up for other persons. The opinions expressed in this post are purely personal, based on my own experience with the products.

p.s. If you see any grammar mistakes or any weird expressions, please feel free to tell me. My life is shared between 3 foreign languages and sometimes I make mistakes.