Eyebrow Gel from Essence

Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow Gel from Essence it’s one of my favorite eyebrow makeup products. Great long lasting formula and quality for a very small price. 

      Hello, ladies and germs! I would like to tell you a few words over one of my favorite Essence products, very helpful when I do my eyebrows makeup, the Eyebrow Gel. It has a very pigmented and long lasting formula, easy to work with, for a great price.

It has only one small thing which makes it not so good as the Deep Brow Pomade from Anastasia. If you want to find out what and what do I think about this product, don’t hesitate to read further.

Eyebrow Gel

Review Eyebrow Gel:

Eyebrow Gel

Packaging: it’s made from a glass jar. The lid it’s made from strong, taupe plastic.

Eyebrow Gel

On the lid we have a transparent sticker, with the logo and the name of the brand, the name of the product and the “colour & shape” words, all written with silver letters.

Eyebrow Gel

On the side of the lid, we have a white sticker with the barcode, the shelf life (6 months since the opening) and some other details.

Eyebrow Gel

On the back of the jar, we have a taupe sticker with: the number and the name of the shade, the description of the product in English, German and French, details about the producer, the official site and the weight of 0.1 fl.oz, all written with white letters.

Eyebrow Gel

Colors: as far as I know, this product is available in only one color, Brown. Though, having in front of it the number 01, makes me think that it will be followed by other shades.

“Brown” it might not be the best name for this shade. I think this product is more a medium, darker taupe. It might look as a dark brown, though. But it has a strong grey undertone, which makes me think to a taupe.

Eyebrow Gel


Texture: we have a cream-product, a bit thicker than Deep Brow Pomade from Anastasia.

Properties Eyebrow Gel:

  • highly pigmented: which offers a great pay-off without any effort in building it.
  • long-lasting: no matter the environment such as humidity, heat or…oily skin.


How I use Eyebrow Gel:

I use this product for a more dramatic look, for my eyebrows. I fill in 3/4 from my outside eyebrow, with small, blending strokes and I end up with a perfect, contoured tail.

Eyebrow Gel

I use this product with the 317-Wing Liner brush from Zoeva.

Plus Points Eyebrow Gel:

  • it has a “stabile” texture. For a beginner, these types of products might be a challenge, as the brush can glide too easy on the skin.
  • it blend good with another eyebrow products, without leaving a weird finish behind.
  • it will not stick on the hairs and it will not create “flakes” on it.
  • it it long-lasting.
  • it doesn’t dry in the jar, but I always keep it upside down, if i use it and it’s open, or inside my drawer.
  • it has a very good price, in The Netherlands being only 3 euro.

Minus Points Eyebrow Gel:

And here we talk about the reason which makes the Eyebrow Gel from Essence, not so good as the Deep Brow Pomade from Anastasia.

You need more product to full fill your needs. Basically, you need to deep in the brush more times before you achieve the desired look.

While, if you use the Anastasia product, you need way less product for a complete eyebrow look.

It is not a bad thing, but you will end up keeping the Essence jar for a longer time, open. So, the risk of drying is bigger.

Eyebrow Gel


For this look I’ve used the Eyebrow Gel from Essence, for my eyebrows.



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